Social Features

create your app features

Info 1: level, with this function you can display information with a full text editor and even insert HTML content.

Info 2 and 3: Levels Organise in categories of 2 or 3 levels the information you want to display. You can include here: text, photos, videos.

Call: allows you to call easily and quickly with a single touch.

Contact: combines different forms of contact such as phone call with one touch, send an email, access your website, find the address, leave comments, link to other functions and much more!

Directions: directs the user to business locations at the touch of a button.

Image Gallery: an easy way to display images within your app.

Photo submission: quick photo and video submission tool from within the app.

Social wall: comment wall for customers where you can limit conversations within a kilometre radius around them.

Message Box: Section where all messages received by your customer with Push Notifications will be stored.

Social Widget: publish push notification messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Form: highly customisable forms with email and CMS submission. We also offer easy integration with WuFoo, a third-party form builder that offers a wealth of options.

Newsletter: the perfect way to collect contact information from your users. Combining this functionality with push notifications can help you make sure your users get the most out of the app! Easily sync this data with email marketing services like MailChimp.

RSS feeds: RSS feeds load a dynamic link that is constantly updated within the app without the need for any manual modification. They are used to display updated content with the latest news, links to blog articles, offers…

YouTube: the YouTube function is perfect for displaying your business’s YouTube channel in a clear and accessible way.

PREMIUM User Group function: it is an ideal function to set up restricted access areas for user groups.   See more…

Promotional Features

create your app features

Events Calendar: displays key information about events and promotions, registers attendees and allows the publication of photos and comments.

Loyalty Cards: increase visits to your business by building customer loyalty. Provide stamp cards or coupons with a secret key or QR code, with the possibility of limiting the possibility of using them at the business location and with a certain time limitation between each redemption. Create a points catalogue or a progressive offer unlocking progress to increase visits and sales quickly and easily.

Shop: Sell your shop’s products or digital goods and accept cash or in-app payments through popular integrated platformsBraintree, Pay U, Stripe and Authorize.

Service bookings: The mobile booking feature allows users to set up appointments to book services by choosing location, date and time through the app. You can set up in-app payments with integrated payment platforms or cash.

Delivery: powerful food ordering feature with cash payments or integrated payments with several popular platforms such as Braintree, Pay U, Stripe and Authorize.

App sharing: allows easy sharing of the app via email, social media or text message. (in the Android/Apple version it is possible to share the app via WhatsApp).

QR Scanner: tool that allows users to scan and keep any QR code they want, such as business cards, web pages, phone numbers, emails, locations…

Extra Features

create your app features


Track usage and engagement metrics, as well as downloads by device type, app sessions and average time in the app.
Collect important user demographic information, giving you more insight into your customer base than ever before.
Monitor feature usage so you can make future revisions to the app.


Connect and manage, get in touch with your customers, check all orders placed in your business from anywhere. Check how many users use your app and how they interact. Send advanced Push Notifications from the palm of your hand. Explore how users redeem coupons from your business app. Serve, modify or cancel scheduled bookings and much more!
Download Skipper here

Website: The Website feature allows you to easily integrate a website into your app. This feature is especially useful for promoting social networks or pages, as long as they are responsive, secure and do not contain Flash. To enable this feature all you need to do is include the URL. For example, if a client of yours has a specific need that is not covered by our App Builder, you can make a web development and include it within the App as a feature.

Car locator: allows users to mark with pins where they have parked so they don’t forget again. They can also set timers, as a reminder when they have paid for parking, take a photo or share the location by email.

Golf Courses: users will be able to mark their scores directly in the app.

Mortgage Calculator: allows you to calculate the monthly mortgage amount to be paid using variables such as loan amount, loan term and interest rate – a great feature for real estate and banking apps!

Music: The Music feature is the perfect way to share and sell tracks from your app. You can import, upload or link music tracks to easily integrate them into the app.

Podcast: allows you to integrate the entire thread you offer in your podcast to your listeners by including just the URL of your audio or video podcast.

Voice Recording: The Voice Recorder feature allows your users to record and send voice notes directly to your business.

News: Perfect for keeping your users up to date on the latest news related to the keywords you define on Google News (if available in your country) or Twitter.

Notepad: Give your users an easy way to save notes within your app.

PDF: The PDF feature allows you to display PDFs through your app. This feature offers a multitude of uses: display flyers, menus, reports, catalogues, etc.

Sports Statistics: allows you to include a flexible counter within the app. This counter can be used for a number of purposes from sport or fitness to financial purposes. It also allows users to send the results via email to the address you have specified. For example, if I want customers at a bowling alley to send me their stats so I can congratulate the winners weekly, I can set my own default email address.

Tip Calculator: This is very useful for restaurant applications or food delivery orders. The calculator allows the user to enter the price of the bill, the percentage they wish to tip and the number of people the bill is split between and it calculates how much each diner is entitled to pay. This function uses the device settings to set the format and currency, so all you have to do to set it up is set a background image.

Quick Guide: The Quick Guide feature is a great way to provide an introduction to the functions the user will find within your app. The content of this feature is shown to the user the first time they access the app and will not appear again unless the user deletes the app and re-downloads it.

Real Estate: The Real Estate feature is a good tool for real estate agents to show properties they are renting or selling. Import listings via CSV files, integration with the IDX account API or manually. IDX is a type of data source offered through membership with

Premium Features

create your app features

User groups: is a great solution for creating groups, users and guest access while controlling each group’s access to each function. It will also allow you to segment the delivery of notifications by specific groups or users, giving you a new level of control over your push notification system.

With the User Groups feature, you can limit access to certain areas of your app to only one or several groups of users. For example, in the case of a school, there could be a private area for teachers and management, one for the Parents’ Association, and one for students.

Another example could be an app for a company, with an area for clients and a private area for employees, where they can make reports to the company, for example of their commercial visits, or in the case of an insurance company, the information relating to an insurance claim, being able to attach photos and texts.

Review Marketing: generate positive reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor in a 100% automated way. The Reviews campaigns ask the user for a review at the moments of greatest satisfaction (after a food order in the case of a restaurant, after a purchase in the case of a shop, after obtaining a loyalty seal…).

What the system does is that automatically, if the user gives a positive rating, it offers to publish a review on Google, Yelp, Facebook or Tripadvisor improving the SEO positioning of the business, but if the review is negative, it is simply filtered and sent by email as feedback to the business owner so that he can contact the customer or solve the problem as he sees fit.

Electronic Signature: Forget about printers and scanners to sign electronic documents. This feature allows you to sign documents with electronic signatures directly from your mobile device, saving time and money, with an added cost of only 10 euros per month per app, this add-on is perfect for a multitude of sectors such as educational institutions applications, where parents can sign authorisations or absence notes of their children directly from their mobile.

Private Market for iOS: bypassing Apple’s review process to get your apps published is possible thanks to Apple’s Private Market. We give you the ability to publish your iOS apps in Apple’s private marketplace without having to submit them to Apple’s strict rules. This allows you to save time and money, as well as publish test, private, business-use or industry apps that are banned from Apple’s public market (App Store).

These apps are ideal for companies to use internally among their employees or with exclusive customers, ensuring that only they will be able to access the content. Applications published in the Apple Private Market are distributed via a download link that you can share with the desired users.

Push Notifications and Geo Fencing

create your app features
  • Push notifications allow you to send messages directly to your customers’ phones, so they’ll never miss an event, promotion or alert.
  • Target customers based on their location or proximity to your business using our Geo-fencing feature.

Push notifications inform users by providing valuable and relevant updates, even when the app is closed. Not only can you send text, you have a wide range of personalisation options that can increase user engagement.

It is good for businesses such as Catering, Health and Beauty, Communities, Real Estate, Education, Retail, Fashion, etc.

How can they help your business grow?

97% of mobile push notifications have a response rate, and 90% are read within 3 minutes of receipt.
Apps that choose to send push messages create on average 3 times more engagement than those that don’t, representing a 171% increase in app engagement.
Push messages increase social sharing and interaction on Facebook and Twitter by 30%.

Merchandising and Shop

create your app features

Online shop:

  • Build your own shop by inserting categories and items.
  • Customise photos and item descriptions.
  • Accept cash or card payments and set shipping rates and costs.
  • New shipping options including in-store pick-up and digital delivery.

Mobile shopping: Mobile shopping trends point to mobile commerce as the future for shoppers.

Good for businesses such as: Fashion and Retail, Health and Beauty.

How can they help your business grow?

  • M-commerce (mobile commerce) will reach $4.88 trillion by 2021.
  • The preferred method of purchase for smartphone users is through an app.
  • There will be more than 1.6 trillion mobile interactions with a mobile commerce transaction globally by the end of 2019.
  • Users find 286% more products in apps than in their mobile browser.
  • 60% of all Google searches in 2019 will be conducted on smartphones or tablets.

Payment Gateways

create your app features

Here we show you all our integrations with payment gateways. You can include them in your food ordering, booking and shop functions.

Stripe has become the industry standard, and you can now offer it through our applications.

Ingenico (formerly GlobalCollect), was created with the South African region in mind, although this payment gateway has an extremely large geographic reach.

We also highlight Braintree which is used by Uber and Dropbox. Therefore, you will be able to integrate any of these payment gateways within your application.

create your app features

Loyalty Programmes

create your app features
  • Gone are the days when your customers have to dig through their wallets, trying to find that worn-out stamp card they lost months ago.
  • Reward your customers with mobile stamp cards that they can redeem directly from their phones, adding “points” to their card.

The cost of acquiring a new customer is seven times the cost of keeping an existing one. By providing your customers with a mobile stamp card, you will offer them the possibility to get discounts and benefits and in this way you will be able to build a loyal customer base.

Good for businesses such as: Restaurants and Bars or Health and Beauty.

How can they help your business grow?

  • 66% of companies that have seen a decrease in customer loyalty in the past year did not have a mobile app.
  • 60% of mobile coupon users say they would “go to another business for the benefit of being able to use a discount coupon”.
  • Loyal customers are only 12-15%, but account for 55-70% of total sales.

Give your customers the location of your business.

create your app features

Make it easy for your users to find the different locations of your business by listing the addresses and telling the user how far they are from each location.

  • Contact: The Website, Call, Directions and Email buttons are optional, and the left and right images are buttons that can be linked to other functions or websites, for example linking to the Shop function, Food Orders, Loyalty promotions, Bookings…
  • Points of Interest: You can incorporate up to three different business categories. Users will be able to see the different points on a map or in a list, with easy access to business contact information, addresses and easy GPS navigation for each location.

Share APP or content

create your app features
  • iOS Share Sheets allows users to tap the Share button to bring up compatible apps such as email, text message, WhatsApp, notes and many more.
  • Link directly to the App Store, Google Play Store or Progressive Web App for users to download your app.
  • You can also direct all visits to the PWA directly to the Google Play or App Store for downloading your native app.

Booking functions

create your app features
  • Schedule a haircut at your hairdresser’s salon.
  • Book a massage for your weekend getaway at the SPA.
  • Whatever your scheduling or appointment booking needs are, it will help you get more bookings on your calendar.

The booking feature allows users to schedule appointments with your business anytime, anywhere or cancel an appointment directly from their phone. It also allows you to send appointment reminders, increase customer satisfaction and reduce no-show bookings.

It is ideal for businesses such as: Health and Beauty, Real Estate, Education Centres, Communities…

How can they help your business grow?

  • 35% of customers are looking to schedule appointments outside of their working hours.
  • Online booking can increase appointments by 5% to 25%.
  • 25% of millennials only book online.
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